I’m a Cannonball, What?

I was trying to figure out a metaphor about life and God. How does God look at my life in some terms that I can say, “I get it.”

This cannon is not designed to hurt anyone, but it will blast through the enemy, self-doubt and related metaphors of this article.

God, metaphor, prayer

If I am this cannonball that is getting stuffed inside a cannon. So God puts the gunpowder in (meaning knowledge to live a beautiful, prosperous life). Then he rolls me down the barrel of the gun. Goes around the back and I roll out the end of the cannon barrel back on the ground (not staying in faith).

God moves back around, lifts me up, and rolls me back into the barrel. This time he takes the plunge and really gives me a whack. Bam, Bam, Bam, (trials & tribulations) he keeps pounding me into the barrel.

I roll out again!

Stubborn I keep rolling out of the barrel back on the ground. Not following the purpose of a cannonball (losing faith). I am supposed to be shot out of the cannon (run through life happy joyous and free, my meaning).

Back on the ground, God patiently goes back to the front of the cannon grabs me and puts me back in the barrel. Again using the plunger, he pushes me back towards my purpose. Stubbornly I roll myself back out of the end of the cannon to the ground yet again.

Instead of embracing my life purpose, I keep rolling myself away. I’m scared to be shot into my future, my destiny. I don’t know what will happen, I’m afraid, so I keep rolling myself out. Not staying in faith!

So time and time again, God puts me back.


God reveals to me that he keeps adding powder, pushing me down the barrel (moving me through my life) so that he can go around to light the fuse. God cannot burn the fuse to Blast you through all the naysayers, all your heartache, all your sorrow, all your sacrifices, so FAR beyond what you ever dreamed could ever occur.

If you don’t let God light your fuse. How will you ever know how far past your dreams can blasting out of God’s cannon help you go. Maybe, it’s time to let God light the fuse!!!

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