Paws a Documentary

Paws a Day in the Life Animal Rescue

Production begins February 1, 2019

We’re proud to announce production is starting for our new documentary. Our journey through the lives of rescued animals. Pets, dogs, cats, moving to barnyard animals and wildlife rescues.

Our film will bring up close and personal what happens to at-risk animals. How animal adoption works with interviews with rescues and families that adopt.

One area that was bigger than we first realized is Wildlife rescue. Some fantastic folks rescue wildlife from Birds of Prey, Mountain Lions, Bears, small critters Racoons, squirrels, and so many others. These animals typically have been injured and can no longer take care of themselves out in the wild.

Barnyard critters, horses and cute donkeys. Will visit rescues that take care of farm animals that have been rescued for many reasons. The film will explore the world of animal sanctuaries.

With millions of animals at risk, our documentary will educate and bring into the light the beautiful animals and folks that care for them.

If you would like to tell your Rescue Story: