Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your information safety is important to us. At NO time will we call you on the phone, or directly ask you for personal information such as home address, social security number, bank or credit information.

Unless you have previously Opted into our email subscription or followed our website via WordPress. Do NOT open unsolicited emails pretending to be Robert Bruton.

We under NO circumstance will contact you by telephone. Do not communicate with anyone that pretends to be Robert Bruton via phone.

Never answer unsolicited communications of ANY kind saying they are Robert Bruton or an associate of Robert Bruton. We do not do this at any time.

You agree to hold harmless Robert Bruton et al. In the event you leave our site, and your information is compromised by a third-party vendor. You agree this is at your sole discretion. Our site and email correspondence are protected by third-party providers.


If you have questions or concerns, please visit our contact us page.