Sailing Expedition

Our Sailing Expedition project is well underway. Plans and research to find the most at-risk areas in the world. We want to gather data, film, and other scientific tests to help researchers and scientists.

We will be circumnavigating the world researching Ocean Trash | Plastic, Marine Life, Global Warming and working with researchers around the world sharing our data. Working closely with Non-Profits, NGO, and Government agencies to gather and share data they might not have immediate access to.


I chose to sail to support our efforts to be Environmentally friendly. It will take us a bit longer to get to destinations. However, we will do it cleanly.

Our capabilities:

  • ROV underwater camera to a depth of 120 meters
  • Scuba Diving
  • Photography
  • Aerial Drone Camera
  • Gather and collect water samples, sediment, and other non-toxic samples.
  • Global Access to temporary offices for uploading data, and conferencing
  • Documentary Film Cinematography

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