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All of us want a happy, prosperous and fulfilled life. There are thousands of books, videos and self-help programs to tell you how to. Pretty much read them all!

Welcome to the Life Research Project.

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It dawned on me none of the books, videos, or seminars bring you full circle. You work on how to get over a broken heart or some form of depression. We get significant bits and pieces, not the whole enchilada.

I designed the Life Research Project to demonstrate in the real world, how reaching for a successful, happy life all ties together in every aspect of our lives. How to bring all our self-help, faith, prayer and action we take daily to work in unison.

Ask yourself in your life journey would it not be pleasant to tie all aspects of your professional and private life to work in harmony. You are learning not only to take care of yourself but to get outside yourself and be a blessing.

Life Research Project. We all want a better life, we continuously research how to have a better experience, and our lives are a continual project — time to tie it all together.

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