Be Nice Today

Seems like we always see someone driving crazy on our commute to work. Some person drives all the way up to the front of a long line of cars waiting to exit, twenty cars ahead of you and boom the blinker goes on. Forcing themselves in front of everyone.

We also experience rude people, short-tempered bosses, the list could go on. The real question is are you really going to let these people steal your joy?

Stamping your feet, hitting the steering wheel, cursing the guy that just cut you off. Is that all worth your peace? NO, it’s not!

Slow down and simply let the world unfold in front of you. If someone wants to be a jerk let them. Don’t fall into the enemies trap and lose your peace. If you let someone at the grocery go before you what did it hurt, NOTHING.

If someone cuts you off on the road, let them drive on and smile.

Nothing that happens out of your control is worth losing your joy. Smile and thank God that you have the grace to be okay. Ask yourself if God moves something in front of you, what if it’s to protect you from harm. You get slowed down to prevent you being in an accident. You don’t know so smile.

Being nice will pay much greater dividends to you than anger. Don’t get angry or lose your joy when life throws up a speed bump. Slow down go over the bump and move on with your life.

Smile and wave at the dude that just cut you off (use your whole hand when waving). Let someone who is stressing in line get in front of you. Perhaps your charity will give them pause to find their peace.

Simple kindness.  It doesn’t hurt to be friendly to someone you don’t know. Be a blessing to someone today that seemingly does not deserve it. Your blessing will be returned!

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