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One thing is for sure in this tumultuous world. It is a ride! Something akin to a twirl-and-hurl ride at the carnival. How do we survive in a chaotic world?

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” –Francis of Assisi

None of us can avoid the bilge ever-present on the internet. Cannot view the news, go on social media, listen to others in conversations without hearing negative remarks. Americans pitted against Americans. Are we not all on the same side, or at least supposed to be???

Enough of this, I say. Let’s spell out a few things we can all do to remove ourselves from negative thoughts and change the world. The world around us anyway! Unless you are being called by some political moniker, Congressman _____, Senator ______, then I imagine the only real change you can be a part of is the world around you.

What do I mean, you ask?

  • Can you offer up a smile?
  • Can you offer up a lending hand, volunteer?
  • Can you not get caught up in rhetoric, offer solutions NOT more hate, gossip, etc.

Instead of talking about the world’s problems, do something about the world’s problems around you.

  1. Plant a fruit tree in a public space so all can pick from it. With permission, of course, find an available space that would allow you to plant a fruit tree.
  2. Teach families in need how to grow a garden for fresh food. Most folks could do this right in the back yard. Or again, find a public space that would allow for a community garden.
  3. Could you teach a class for free at the public library?
    How to create a great Resume
    How to overcome fear
    How to start your own business on a shoestring budget
    How to write a book and publish it
    How to be a good leader
    How to be a better parent
  4. What about educating yourself? Reinvent YOU!
  5. What could you do to lower your carbon footprint?

Plenty of ideas to get you started thinking about how you could change the world around you. Because when we are honest with ourselves, that is truly all we can change is the world around us—our circle of the planet.

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Instead of burning everything to the ground, causing havoc and chaos. Would it not make more sense to fix what we can?

Being a mental health awareness month, I felt this article was spot on. Seeing so many folks simply lose their mind over things they have absolutely NO control over. It would be nice to have total faith in one’s Government, but throughout history, that is just not the case.

Taking care of our own little corner of the world makes way more sense.

Seeing the video floating around of the young women screaming at the top of their voice. Making a spectacle of themselves and being the butt of jokes all over the world. As you read this, my guess you know precisely which memes I speak of.

When you think about those type of moments, what did they achieve? Other than the fallout from the humiliation of doing something you live to regret.

Again, this begs the question, was it worth it?

Before you jump off into the deep blue sea of controversy, ask yourself some questions before you believe anything you read or hear:

  1. If you hear something that boils your mind. Is the person you are hearing it from credible, and do they have an underlying agenda? Make sure the information is without bias.
  2. Is there anything at all you can indeed do about that which you have heard? Other than changing the world around you.
  3. Is losing your joy, doing something stupid worth it? Or could you change the world around you for the better?

“A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason.”—JP Morgan

Fundamentally we all want the same thing:

  1. Quality of Life
  2. At my age Peace-of-Mind
  3. Happy family
  4. Warm Home
  5. Good paying Job or Business

We are Americans and suppose to be on the same team. Here is what happens with Government:

  1. Each election cycle, one or the other party will tear down that which the other did during their reign in office. Therefore, we are at square one again.
  2. Each election cycle, you hear the same promises:
    “It’s the dawn of a new era.”
    “Together, we will be better.”
    “Lower Taxes.”
    “We will provide better care for your family.”

None of these things ever have lasting value because every 4 to 8 years someone new comes into power. If it happens to be a different political party, we get to start over. With words strong like “Repeal.”

For me, therefore, I simply try and change the world around me. I figure no matter who is in the office, if I can somehow bring a better me to the world, I can change what I can. This way I don’t have to lose my mind over things I have no control over.

The one thing I do contribute is my Vote. That is the extent of my voice but not the extent of my reach. By helping others, lending a hand, I can in some measure, change the world. Now imagine that by millions of people!

So, we are clear:

  • I do not like career politicians.
  • I want clean air and a good healthy environment.
  • Good schools, good roads, and stable infrastructure.
  • Quality land management over our natural resources.

Alluding back to what can you or I do to facilitate our common goal?

How can we, as Americans, hurt one another? Just because we believe differently does not make us mortal enemies. It just makes us different. You give a little, I offer a little and somewhere we find common ground to stand on.

More to the point, how can you allow current events to overtake your life and mental joy? Nothing in our lives is solved with a hateful, stress-filled heart. Problems are solved with calm, cool heads. I am evidence of this fact.

My own life, when I learned to not fight monsters in the closet that simply was not there, I began to find peace. Finding peace has moved my life in ways I never dreamed could be with a grateful heart of what is yet to come.

Find peace in yourself; life will come to find you in meaningful, joyful and happy ways. God bless you!

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