Diplomacy Peace

With all the horrible things going on in this world, I have questions. So this article will cover my questions that I believe everyone can get their head around.

Here is my scenario:

Two countries go to war. The invading country has reasons they believe are enough to justify the invasion.

The country invaded will defend its homeland to the death.

After some time, the country invaded has lost many civilian lives, infrastructure, and sadly deaths.

Now it’s time to bring these two countries together for peace talks. But unfortunately, the war is still raging, and people are being killed daily.

Tensions are high on both sides to not give in.

  • My biggest question is, how do you bring two sides together who are mortal enemies now?

Here is my dilemma with all of this.

We have many of the greatest minds in the world working on ways to destroy each other—better ways to kill.

If we as a world to our greatest minds learn to live in peace and settle disputes, would this not make more sense. We all have to live in this world together. So instead of killing each other, why don’t we learn to live, do business together, learn from each other?

white bird on persons hand

Those of you who read me know I am all about life change. One thing I have written and spoken about in my podcast.

During World War II, December 1914, British and German soldiers were in a bloody place called “No Mans Land,” where nothing existed but the hail of bullets and death.

Soldiers on Christmas Eve would nervously meet on this bloody battlefield to celebrate Christmas, if only for a few hours. Then, finally, regular Joe’s soldiers were able to come together in peace. Exchanging gifts of Wine, Pins, and whatever was at hand.

None of these men would have not exchanged peace at that moment to go home and celebrate Christmas with family.

My thoughts have always leaned towards regular Joe’s wanting peace much more than war. Our problems could be sorted with the idea that none of us wanted to send our children to war. God bless all the fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters who valiantly gave themselves in defense of their country.

Not one of those Gold Star Families would have wanted a peaceful solution to not prevail over war. But, unfortunately, few men who make these decisions ever have to face their son or daughter not coming home.

It occurs to me that you take two fathers or mothers from opposing countries to sit down and work out differences. But, given the facts that exist as a prelude to war, two fathers with the prospect of their sons going to battle, you want to convince me they are willing to suffer a son’s death over peace?

Instead of war, how could two countries learn to live in peace understand the culture, trade, travel, and leisure. Learn from each other vs. killing each other.

Please don’t think of me as naïve. However, what would be the harm in allowing the people to speak from opposing sides? Not Government people, honest folks.

Tyrants will force this by invasion. People will die.

This begs the question, why are some of the best minds in the world inventing weapons to kill vs. ways to peace?

Have we come so far that we cannot turn back? On the contrary, we must always look to one-up weapons of mass destruction.

Let those who agree to pray for peace.

“The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.” –Douglas MacArthur