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Robert Bruton Christian Living. Welcome to my site! , we hope you enjoy our stories, photography, and spirit of hope. The focus of our blog is Christian living. Living our best life through self improvement and faith. Meditation, prayer and faith living our best life. 

I love to write about spiritual growth, faith, and hope. I am passionate about animals, pets, and their welfare. Pets for hope, connecting adoption centers with loving families.

Active social entrepreneur. Equestrian enthusiast. If it’s fun and it’s life, “I’m in!”

Most of us can agree that our lives are filled with things we must do, not the things we love to do. Some time ago, I decided this was going to change. The last half of my life will be about what I love.

It was time to pull out the Bucket List and start living a life that God, myself, and family could be proud of. In 2019 I set out to publish my first book; I published seven. Sharing my journey for others to see a clear path. The adage, if I can do, you can too! Nothing could ring truer.

Now with nine books published, I am for perhaps the first time in my life, truly living my life.

My life is the pursuant thereof! Friends do not let life fly by like a hundred mile an hour fastball. Believe me when I say life does fly by.

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The men who followed Him were unique in their generation. They turned the world upside down because their hearts had been turned right side up. The world has never been the same.”–Billy Graham

Robert Bruton Books available at Amazon

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