Never Say You Can’t

Do not think you cannot do anything with your life for another minute. Listening to folks say all kinds of stuff you are so self-defeating it’s unfortunate.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”–Thomas Edison

How many people in this world have come for nothing to be somebody? Millions have worldwide. Society has most people believing you need all this fancy education, the right circle of friends, the proper economic status, or the big one nobody will give me a shot.

From childhood, we are conditioned to choose the least path of resistance to play it safe. I have heard young people say the parties for people coming home from Prison are more significant than those for High School Graduation.

This is such garbage. This article will give you an idea that you can accomplish what you want in this life. But, first, you must learn to believe that.

Well-intentioned but misguided friends and family will tell you, “Come on, what have you been smoking? You go no shot.” Naysayers will come out of the woodwork only to squash your dreams.

life is now neon signage
Life can be yours!

You may have to take this journey alone. Or with extraordinarily little support. When people ask to say you’re doing some junk, be ambiguous. “At first, they will ask you why you are doing it; then they will ask you how you did it.” Focus on yourself!

Outlining resources you can use now, today:

  1. Public Library is free and has thousands of books and periodicals to help you learn anything.
  2. No money for school, teach yourself. Self-taught is not a terrible thing.
  3. Attend any seminar you can afford or that you find free.
  4. Define what you want to do. If you could do anything you wanted, money, time, the school was NOT the problem. What would you do?

Self-education is most certainly not a bad thing. Books are available in abundance. No excuse. What is lacking is your willingness to learn. Sorry, it might sting a bit; I was the same way!

Knowledge is power beyond anything you could imagine. Getting off your butt and learning will change everything.