About Us

Robert Bruton is a freelance writer, blogger, photographer, and social entrepreneur.

Finding the answers to spiritual growth, and living a life with purpose, hope, and faith.

Pets for hope, connecting adoption centers with loving families who want to enrich themselves with a loving pet.

When I write spiritual content, books or articles. My choice is that I live a Christian life. So I talk about God, Jesus, and the bible. You may choose to call your God a higher power. How you wish to practice your faith is okay with me, more importantly, your choice. As long as we’re worshiping God of our choosing.

So I trust that you will enjoy what you read, learn from my journey and share with me yours. I to want to learn be open to your ideas and thoughts. I pray that God brings us together in the beautiful journey.

Smile it’s all going to be Awesome! God Bless You…



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