Quiet Your Mind

Learn how to slow down the noise in your head. When silence screams loud, learning to quiet your mind, meditate to slow down. You will find focus, peace, tranquility and energy will flow like a river.

This is the introduction to my new book “Quiet Your Mind”, available at Amazon. We explore how to get the garbage out of our minds and release our best life.


Do you ever wish you could unplug from the world if only for a moment?

Can you put Social Media away for a full day?

Could you give yourself a real break and not give in to the harshness of the world?

The answer I would imagine is a hesitant maybe!

If you unplug for just a bit to allow your head to reboot. You will find fantastic peace if you try. Do not worry, your social media will be there when you get back.

If you really want to be happy, you need to take short breaks from the world. A constant barrage of garbage information will cloud your mind to the point you have zero visibility, just like a pilot, you need to be able to see. Zero visibility is dangerous.

Reading post after post of garbage. Finding yourself getting angrier over a world gone wrong. Not for one minute saying you must not care. What I am absolutely saying is give care to yourself so you can bring a better you back to the world.

When our mind can slow down. Reboot if you will. Creative energy, positive outlooks, and a healthier mind can emerge. We have all heard the adage, balanced life.

This is an incredibly stressful time in our history. Nothing in the news is exciting or helpful, we are barraged with how horrible the world where we reside. Nothing on social media is anything but negative, negative, negative!

Your noodle can only manage so much before you become a product of your environment. Finding ourselves short-tempered and contrary. Again, you can care about social issues of the day, but learn to moderate the intake and outgo of self.

It is terrific to be passionate about social issues. It is a whole other thing to be blinded by them. This will occur if you do not take time to unplug to see the world around you. What I mean by the world around you is your spiritual presence on this earth.

Do you take time to meditate and clear your head? See yourself in ways that make you happy. Are you available to go to God in prayer? Or are you to busy to slow down?

If your answer does not include meditation or prayer. Wo Pony, you need to slow down. Anger begets anger. Hate begets hate, intolerance begets intolerance. Change in social environments means you must be the change you want in the world, as Gandhi once said.

If you did pray and meditate regularly, you might find the social answers you seek.

Manage the world around you. Meaning, change what you can in your environment. See how that grows. This is how you can profoundly change the world.

This book is not intended to solve the world’s problems. It is designed to help you find peace, inner strength, hope, and bring a better you to this world.

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