RV Fun How to Get Started

Getting outdoors and enjoying life. If you are new to camping, this article will help you decide to get outside and have some fun.

Whether you’re a single traveler or a family looking to have fun. Camping will give you lifelong memories to cherish for years to come.

Parents, your children will be telling stories to their children about camping with Grandma & Grandpa. How much fun or silliness was had while camping? What beautiful, majestic views are embedded in your mind.

A couple of fun ways to camp. Primitive camping under the stars or in a tent. RV camping in a travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome. Today we are going to discuss RV camping.

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Choosing an RV for your family is easier than you might think. A couple simple questions to get you started:

  1. How many people will you need to sleep camping?
  2. What is your tow vehicle’s capability?

With just those two questions answered, we can begin our search.

Families, for example. A bunkhouse model travel trailer or fifth wheel is family-friendly coaches. The bunk area sleeps kids of all ages and gives your child a spot all their own.

Many trailers offer separate areas for children so mom and dad can have some privacy. Parent sleeping areas are typically RV queen-size beds with enough closet-style space for vacation clothes.

The whole idea with a camper is to have a place to clean up, cook a meal and get a good night’s sleep. Time spent having fun is the call of the day!

Keep in mind the place you want to travel to. Make sure the camper you choose can go where you want to go. For example, state and national parks do have size restrictions. Also, where bears or predator animals are present. You can’t have soft-side walls or pop-up campers.

Campers also allow for outfitting the trailer with everything you need. Home away from home! Privacy and it’s yours meaning you know it’s clean and sanitary. With the scare of COVID-19, you can rest easy knowing that your family is the only person sleeping in the bed. I have moms tell me why they love campers because they know their baby’s areas are clean.

Family pets can also easily travel. Many campers in today’s market have built-in pet crates typically located at the main bed base. Keep in mind that traveling with pets, you have to keep an extra careful eye for predator animals. Letting your dog run off-leash that is not well trained to the command of coming back is not a good idea.

Pets will protect owners, and you certainly don’t want that to end up in tragedy. Keep in mind that people camp and hike with pets all the time, safely! Just keep a mindful eye to keep curious pets from harm’s way.

Weekend warriors with dirt bikes, ATV vehicles will love what the RV industry calls a Toy Hauler. The name says it all. This RV is designed to carry your toys; from motorized to kayaks, the garage will hold your outdoor gear.

Another fun use for your camper is a guest house during the holidays. Now the family can travel to you without the added expense of hotels. Also makes excellent mother-in-law quarters.

She shed or man cave if you could hook up at home. Home office, kids play area, the uses are numerous. Your camper can be utilized for many fun uses.

If you have questions we would love to help:

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