My Dog Glitzy

My dog Glitzy is the story of a spoiled half Chihuahua and half Pomeranian who rules the roost of my house.

She barks for you to move the food in her bowl if she sees the bottom of the bowl. Can’t see the bottom of the bowl!

  • Wakes up religiously around 2:45 AM barks to make sure I roll over so she can get a new spot under the covers. Took me about 30 minutes one night to figure that out.
  • Spits our healthy cookies and barks for jerky treats at the cabinet.
  • Barks like crazy at the TV when dogs, cats, dragons, monsters or the like appear on the screen. She is an avid Movie buff, loves to watch TV.
  • Prefers to be on top of the dinner table.
  • If I’m working she has to have her cuddle cup bed on the desktop, she won’t hang out where I am not.

Follow along as I chronicle Glitzy boss of the family!

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