Right now, I am going through a situation where trusting whether or not I’m making the right decision is incredibly hard. Throwing it to God is of course what I’m doing. Like everyone, I try to help God.

When you help God, no matter how well-intentioned you are, that is not trusting. For me, this is a huge learning curve. My entire life has been about worry, controlling, and stress. When I can leave it to God to show me the way. He is not really talking to me too much about this issue right now. Could be I have my hand too far in it.

The sad part about this issue is the difficulty it brings to my entire family. It’s a feud that may never be resolved. It’s embedded deep in everyone’s heart and sadly not in the right way. So my balancing act tries to continue. When I need to let go and let God guide this for everyone.

So if you’re going through incredible hardship, personal, family or work. If the answer is not coming. Check yourself to make sure you have entirely surrendered the issue to God. When you do that the answers will come! Keep faith!!!

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