Selling in a Digital Age

Selling in a Digital Age (This is the introduction to a new book I will be published before the end of this year)

How to stand out in the crowd

When I first started selling personal computers and cell phones were in their infancy. In fact, it was a car phone that mounted in the car paying as much as a couple of bucks a minute to be on the telephone incoming or outgoing. You were pretty cool if you had a phone antenna on your back glass. In fact, a huge market for fake phone antennas existed one had to look cool!

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In today’s world, salespeople have unbelievable tools to help them reach out to customers. You’re a smartphone away from success. What you will learn reading this book will teach you how to use and where to find digital platforms to stand out in the crowd. Most importantly, how to brand you as the go-to professional for whatever it is your pedaling.

After thirty plus years working in professional sales organizations, I can tell you today’s sales professional has so many ways to reach out and touch customers it’s mind-boggling.

It’s time to laugh a bit. In my day we had no computers, no cell phones. We merely kept tickler cards (old guy version of a CRM) in a box on our desk. Each tab had who you needed to follow up with for that month or week with notes from the last call.

A retired salesman named Joe Girard™ who is an author, but his claim to fame is selling the most retail deliveries of over 13000 in his career. He is in the Guinness Book of World™ records for his achievement. For those of you that are in the car business, he averaged some 80 retail deliveries each month, not a fleet, retail. He did all of this without a computer, and a cell phone was the phone booth on the corner. During the late ’60s and ’70s, he achieved what no other individual has come close to doing. He is also the only salesman to be in the Automotive Hall of Fame.

My point to that statement is you need to be the salesperson everyone loves. You don’t put up numbers like that without being a person that delivers value and most importantly experience the customer never forgets.

So before we dive off into the digital end of the pool. It’s essential you have a general knowledge of selling. All of what you’re about to learn will make sense to you if sales are your gig. What you will achieve by reading and studying the information in this book is how you will be found. Imagine customers finding you before they even see your product or service.

Imagine customers learning more about your professional business acumen than the widget you’re selling. Be the go-to guy within your industry. It could take you years before anyone noticed you without the digital programs that you will learn about in this book. If you got noticed at all!

This is going to take some work. If you’re not willing to make an investment in your own success, shame on you! However, if reading this book, then I imagine the person that we want to serve this information to is you.

You will learn how to leverage social media, blogs, and landing pages that will serve you well in the marketplace. Sharing information not only about your product but its successful application. How end users will benefit from your product or service. Most importantly, how they will help from doing business with you.

At the end of the day, people do business with people they trust and like. Planting that information and letting it will serve you for years to come. Search helpful information that allows clients to find you, get to know you before you ever make physical contact.

The whole book will be available in December 2018.