Learning to Live Outside Ourself, Being a Blessing

With all the political venom, with nothing but negative news filling our social media feeds, our news programs. It’s not a wonder we may struggle with depression or just WTF!

Life Research Project is my movement to find reasons to be a blessing on this earth. Many ways we can give back even in small ways that require no financial investment when family budgets are stretched beyond limits.

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Becoming a blessing to those around us, to the environment has immeasurable grace. Giving in the face of adversity will change your state-of-mind. We all want to feel better, have fun, make a difference. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Pick up a pound of trash. We can all find a pound of litter to police up.
  2. Plant a tree. Preferably a fruit tree that folks could freely pick fruit from. Perhaps in an area where homeless people could get a piece of fruit.
  3. Start a Garden in an area where homeless folks are nearby. Allow anyone to pick from the garden.
  4. Visit a nursing home. Be company to someone lonely.
  5. Go to a hospital and merely pray in the Chapel for healing. Perhaps even pray with someone that is begging for a loved one.
  6. Volunteer, food pantry, Goodwill, Hospital, Nursing home, Boy’s & Girls Club, Animal Rescue Shelter, community center,  as you can see plenty to choose.
  7. Offer a bottle of water to a soul that is panhandling. Keep some bottled water in your vehicle. Instead of money offer a bottle of water. Say a prayer for God to protect the person you gave water.

Part of living life needs to be living outside our own needs. Even when you’re screaming, “what about me,” make it about helping someone. Stop! Listen to these words, being a blessing to others in the face of adversity.

When we can give even when we feel we have nothing to offer. Believe me when I say if you do this with an open heart. Sewing this seed can only bring a harvest beyond anything you imagined.

Feeling good helping others allows us to realize more can be achieved when we work together. If you planted a fruit tree that feeds hungry souls that may be hurting. How would you feel knowing that people did not go hungry at the moment they picked a piece of fruit from a tree you planted.

Doing good things, sewing seeds of peace, hope, love, and prosperity. You can’t help but feel love for yourself. Sometimes seeing more than just ourselves will actually heal our soul.

Pick one thing you can do this week to be a blessing to the world. I showed seven possible ways, you may have something else in mind. Do not do this and say to God okay; it’s your turn. Look beyond you!!!

Learn to be selfless, and in doing so, life will open up for you in ways never dreamt.

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Lonely How About a Pet

For many years I went without any sort of pets. Seemed to be too much of a hassle, can’t go anywhere lots to clean up. So I just did not have a pet in my life. That’s not the case today. My dog, Glitzy, gives me such joy and happiness. She is the best companion. She is also a massive member of our family.

Glitzy is such a part of my life. She rides in the car with me, greats me when I wake up with kisses and she is joyous to see me. She sleeps under the covers and snuggles up all night. She is comfort while sleeping. When I come home, she again greets me with a joyous, loving reception. Lots of kisses from Glitzy.adopt a pet, pet, dog

When Glitzy came home as a puppy, she could fit inside a coffee mug. She was tiny and incredibly cute. Her hair was soft as angels wings. I would hold her close to my neck, and she would sleep and cuddle. The bond began.

Now I would not think of a life without a pet to love. Anything that I stressed about in owning a dog have all been eliminated ounce she got home. Every since even if she has an accident in the house which is rare, it’s no big deal.

Before you venture out to get a pet. Think about several things before you adopt a pet into your home.

  1. Make sure the breed you choose fits your lifestyle. For example, hyper dogs require lots of room to run and burn off energy. If you don’t like to be outside that much, don’t get a water dog or a more hyper breed. This is how pets get re-homed, and that is truly sad for the animal.
  2. Keep in mind that just like a child, an animal needs love and attention. Make sure you have time to devote to the care and love of your pet.
  3. Keep in mind potty training takes time. So you may need to segregate your pet to a vinal or tile floor. Clean up is much more comfortable. If your house is a total carpet, you seriously may want to look into vinal floors. Sorry, but once a dog or cat urinates on the rug, it won’t come out entirely.
  4. Make sure you have in your family budget money for regular Veterinary care. Dogs need heartworm medicine regularly. Not to mention if they get sick. Taking care of your pet is your responsibility.

dog, pet, lonely

Have a pet companion is the most significant thing in the world. Glitzy has such a sassy personality and very bossy. Glitzy Barks at me for everything Glitzy needs even when I don’t know what that is.

If you need a little company, think about adopting a pet. I can tell you that folks that choose say they received the greatest gift. Dog’s and cats seem to sense when they come home after being in a shelter. It may take a few days for them to get settled in.

Once your pet gets a sense of home, and you become a part of your animal’s pack. You will cherish them like you do any other family member.

Check with your local shelters about adopting!

If you have any question: