Getting Rid of Self-Doubt

Things to Get Rid of Self Doubt

We all suffer from self-doubt. For years and years, we are indoctrinated with limiting beliefs of ourselves.

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How would you like to get rid of self-doubt?

Here are my top 10 ways to assist with getting rid of self-doubt:

  1. Whatever you doubt about yourself, knowledge will help you overcome it. Learn about your fear; knowledge conquers all!
  2. Organize your life down to the last detail. When energy is scattered to the wind, so is your mind. Know every day what you want to achieve and follow that. When you organize your life also includes downtime. Balance!
  3. Patience. Learn that not everything in your life is going to happen just this moment. Allow yourself to be okay with “at your pace.” Nothing in life is a horse race that must be completed this very second. Learn to roll with the flow of energy and be okay with it. You do not know how life is moving the future to allow for your change to occur. Think about that a moment.
  4. Run your life’s race, not society’s interpretation of your life. Don’t compare your life to others.
  5. Journal your life. Write down what you achieved that day and what you could have done better. Use this to help you gain more focus. Remember, this is not work to be graded but allow yourself a clear picture of your life; writing can be incredibly healing.
  6. The past needs to stay in the past. If you are a better person today, than you were in your past, well done. Even when others including family, may remind you of past indiscretions. Focus on your positive change. The most tremendous success you can be is overcoming a jaded past. The past does not define who you are today unless you let it.
  7. Let naysayers roll off your back. Just because someone thinks you cannot do something that does not ever define, you cannot! Two know whether you can or cannot achieve. You and God period. Never allow someone to talk you out of something your heart tells you is doable.
  8. Setbacks are temporary, never permanent. A setback simply means go back to your map and find a new way.
  9. Celebrate the smallest win. If you achieve something, celebrate it. Remember how it feels!
  10. Change course when you must. The path can sometimes lead to a dead-end. However, that does not mean the destination cannot be reached another way.

Self-doubt can plague any life to the point of giving up. Utilize the tools above, find your own, and kick some ass. Knowledge of a thing will allow you to overcome any obstacle. When we understand, we achieve!

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