Stay Strong in Faith

What a journey it is when you give your life to a spiritual existence. Deciding that you will live your life from your soul and not your head. That means to me that I allow things to happen on God’s terms, allowing the universe to open up my destiny as it should. We, of course, have to do the work, but we must acknowledge our fate to be revealed to us.

For me, this has been a struggle. Imposing my will before God’s will is fear. It’s hard to release your faith, I struggle with it every day. It does get more comfortable every day. It does not mean that you don’t look for signs look for blessings every day that gives you clarity along life’s path.

At this moment, I am having issues allowing God to work in my life. I run scenario one after another in my head. This is not trusting God to reveal to me the answer to this worry. What I am praying for is clarity in God’s good time. If I’m ever going to have peace in my life no matter how much it hurts right now. I have to let go in faith.

Stopped working on this and boom I started stressing over the issue I was just speaking about. Faith can be hard to follow when all our lives we’ve imposed our own will over our life. If your life is out of balance and in a mess, there is a reason. Right there with you. So it stands to reason that if I want real change, I have to be willing to change. So faith I am standing firm!

If God’s promises are real, and they are! On the other side of this is happiness that will far and away be greater than the despair I feel. I miss someone very much, but I have to let God work through both our lives to restore them. Then and only then will destiny reveal itself.

If you struggle today with faith, then let’s make a pack for today. God, we release our loyalty to you, so that you can do the right work in our lives!

Stay strong friends!!!

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Grateful, Are you?

Grateful. If anything in this life can make it better, being grateful is number one. If you can’t be thankful for what you have, then sadly you may be stuck.

Let me give you a prime example. Finances could not be worse. Relationships are in the toilet, you’re about to lose everything. I mean everything. Life looks hopeless. Every turn is some new problem, nothing is getting better. What do you have to be grateful for if life seems like it’s flushing you down the toilet?

• Health, if reasonably healthy then indeed you are blessed. If you don’t believe that tell it to someone that has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Ask them if health is not everything.

• The ability to work. If you can stand upright, you have a body that functions you can accomplish. This is something to be grateful for.

• Children healthy? That is a real gift.

• Supportive spouse. A right partner is a beautiful blessing.

• A car that runs to get you to work. A bus that is close to getting you to work.

If you look closely enough, we all have things to put the gratitude in our hearts. Without it, you will stifle your growth. With it, God will enrich your life. I see it every day in my own life. When I live in gratitude, things happen for me out of the blue. A small break here, a significant break there. At the end of the day, I feel stronger. The trials in my life may still be there, but every day, I take a bite out of them.

The key is to be grateful for even the smallest blessing. How can God bless your life if you don’t thank him for yet the most minor benefit? It’s still a blessing. I received $16 in cash from the post office for a PO box I had. I owe thousands of dollars I could have looked at this a couple of ways. I chose to be excited it was something I was not expecting, out of the blue favor from God.

Today if God saw fit to bless me with a penny, I would be just as excited if he saw fit to bestow me with a thousand dollars. Be grateful for the smallest things, then God can bless you with the big stuff. It has to be genuine, though. Don’t be smarty pants and say, “Oh look a penny.” Be seeded in faith and gratitude.

This is an area that I struggle as well. Everything you read from successful people is grateful for what you have. Look around you. We all have things to be thankful for. Blessings come disguised as a smile from a complete stranger, someone allows you in front of them, you can breathe, your health, I could list hundreds more.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in a whirlwind of garbage to the point you forget to be grateful. Blessings could be just around the bend if you stop and just say thank you. Even when finding anything to be thankful for seems distant or hopeless.

Try! I will pray for anyone reading this that you find one small blessing in your life, that being grateful for the most minor of benefits will open the door for God to do amazing things in your life.


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Out of the Blue from YOU

Okay everyone today is a challenge, a fun challenge for you to do.

When you get home today to your family. I want you to for no reason at all grab your spouse hug them like you’ve never hugged them before. The question flying out of the mouth of your spouse “what’s this all about”?

The answer needs to come from your heart. Be grateful you have someone that is your spouse. Remember the moment you fell in love with that person. Take that love energy and release that connection in your hug. Feel the strength of your bodies embraced in a simple hug. Let that person know you feel blessed, happy, and in love.Family, love, kids, spouse

If you have kids, get them off a game and do the same. Hug them like you’ve never hugged them before. Let them feel your love and how special they are to you.

Do this with NO expectation. Just LOVE your family for no other reason than LOVE.

Take your cell phone and turn it off. Be present at the moment. Don’t ask about work, how was your day. Just look your family in the eye and just say I love you! That’s it, that’s all. I know in my heart this will be a fantastic experience.

A beautiful surprise is when you can be totally present at the moment and show true love. We get busy, frustrated with life, the list goes on. Take time tonight when you get home to remind your spouse and kids if you have them. How much they truly mean to you. Express your love.

We need to remember kindness, love, and a connectedness to our significant loved ones. I am guilty of not recognizing to be present at the moment with my family. To allow life’s stresses to come home with me. We all do it. Tonight surprise your family, even if it’s just your pet, show them, extra special love, today.

I want to hear stories, so I hope you will come back and share.

Fog On The Way To Work

This morning on my way to the office, I had a revelation. God spoke to me and said as I see this thick fog like you do in your mind hanging on to faith. You still have forward motion. I’m again moving forward. It came over me like a bucket of water was dumped on me.

While I was driving in the very thick fog, I was traveling slower, but I was still moving forward. This reminded me that even though right now, everything in my mind is like fog because of circumstances. I am again moving forward with God.foggy road, God, Love

It may not be clear where I am because the fog was so thick it was hard to tell where I was. The most important thing was the road opened up to me little by little, and I could slowly find my way. God was saying to me, the road may be slow right now, but I am showing you how to move forward little by little.

The sun as I got further down the freeway was trying to burn through the fog, I could see the burning brightness of the sun in the distance. Letting me know that God was in the range showing me the way. It was not completely clear yet, but he was there.

It was a revelation to me as though God was indeed speaking to me driving down the road. He showed me that yes you’re in a fog, but I’m guiding you forward. It helped me understand how God was moving through my life. It was okay to be in a fog that just a few more miles and the fog will lift.

Have you ever seen how beautiful the sky is how bright and new everything looks when you break the fog? That’s God’s promise!

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Right now, I am going through a situation where trusting whether or not I’m making the right decision is incredibly hard. Throwing it to God is of course what I’m doing. Like everyone, I try to help God.

When you help God, no matter how well-intentioned you are, that is not trusting. For me, this is a huge learning curve. My entire life has been about worry, controlling, and stress. When I can leave it to God to show me the way. He is not really talking to me too much about this issue right now. Could be I have my hand too far in it.

The sad part about this issue is the difficulty it brings to my entire family. It’s a feud that may never be resolved. It’s embedded deep in everyone’s heart and sadly not in the right way. So my balancing act tries to continue. When I need to let go and let God guide this for everyone.

So if you’re going through incredible hardship, personal, family or work. If the answer is not coming. Check yourself to make sure you have entirely surrendered the issue to God. When you do that the answers will come! Keep faith!!!

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