Faith Are You Hanging On

How is your faith doing today? For those of us that live in the real world, hope can elude us for extended periods. It doesn’t have too. We have to practice faith daily.

If necessary, we have to practice hour-to-hour or moment-to-moment if needed. Throughout life, we have challenges to our faith. For example, illness, divorce, addiction, it can be anything that gets us in the wrong place. Don’t feel alone if that’s where you currently reside. I to have these troubles.

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Sometimes having to talk to God over and over again expressing our faith that all is well in our life. Even when you don’t believe it down deep, I deplore this “fake it till you make it” because when it’s said to me, I am in no place to hear it. My thought is you’re the same when people tell you everything is okay fake it till you make it. Arrrgg!

When we’re in the wrong place, it’s hard to hear advice. Especially when it comes as a platitude. The funny part is. It’s precisely what you and I need to hear when we need to listen to it. Makes me want to scream, but it really does work. When you can tell yourself enough times, for example: “God, I know you’re with me even though I don’t feel your presence.” Saying something like that over and over again. After a time, you really will feel it. For me, it comes out in my writing.

So like the title describes are you hanging on? If that is all you can do today is simply hang on. Bravo! Hang on to faith even when you don’t feel it. Just when you think God is not to be found. Bam, something happens to remind you that God is right where he is supposed to be. In your heart, right by your side.

Today at church, I had a fantastic thing happen. It reminded me just that. As I sat in the congregation, the pastor was praying for folks giving their lives to Christ. When he asked if anyone else needed to come to Christ, I lifted my hand. The usher brought over some prayer materials for me. I raised my hand because for the last little while I have been struggling with hope and faith. My faith was hanging on by a thread, to be honest.

As the pastor began to move across the stage, he suddenly stopped looked at me and said, sir, yes, you sir. I looked at him to hear the words the pastor said to me, “God is telling me you need to continue your creative work.” “That is what you’re supposed to do.” The service went on.

Needless to say, my heart was racing, tears came to my eyes with joy. For the longest time, my heart has been driven to write. Photography and writing truly bring me joy. To hear out of the blue, from by the way a man I have never met and today was my first day to ever set foot in this church. Well, you can imagine my total amazement in what had happened to me. God reached out to me to say follow your passion.

So does holding onto faith work? God answered me at the most incredible time, in a church full of great folks worshiping God. He chose to talk to me when so many others, I’m sure needed to hear something from him. So how grateful am I? Beyond words.

I have had to fake it until I could make it. Today God answered me most unexpectedly. Didn’t see that coming! The impact was terrific and gives me hope when I honestly was seeking hope and faith. It had been eluding me and bam God talked to me. So I am living proof friends that in your darkest hours if you stay in faith, God will answer you.

Don’t give up, just keep moving towards God. He will find you when you most need it. Just be ready. He will show up when you least expect, but in Gods wisdom, you most need it. Give your cares to God even when you don’t understand staying in faith.

I am always happy to hear from you. If you have comments or questions, please feel free to reach out. God bless you!

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