Pets For Hope

Pets bring such joy into our lives. If you currently don’t have a pet or have never had a pet. This article is for you.

For many years I shied away from having a pet. To much trouble, mess and whatever other excuse I could muster up. Like with all things in our lives timing and reason will intervene. Along came Glitzy.adopt a pet, pet, dog

In times when life is stressful or difficult, I can always come home to a wagging tail, tons of kisses and sweet barks welcoming me back. She is still ready to provide comfort, love, and companionship no matter what. She can pull me out of a dark place just because she wants to play. Throw her toys or bark at me for treats.

Sometimes we all need a distraction from life. I can tell you without reservation that a pet brings such joy into a home. Adopting a pet is such a blessing to the animal and your family. Dogs seem to know somehow when they get home and start getting a sense that they’re back. It’s as though they somehow know you saved them from the life in the shelter. Don’t get me wrong shelters have amazing folks caring for the animals. Like humans, dogs need a den, a home that is safe. You become a part of the pack.

After a time dogs will bond with you as nothing else compares with the love a dog. All they want is a pet, a hug and a cuddle. In Glitzy’s case throw in a couple of treats as well.

Having something to care for is a responsibility. So please before you get a pet make sure you’re willing to take care of, keep safe, warm, and pet veterinary care. Pets need heartworm medicine, vaccinations, and routine care for illness. Make sure you can budget for these things. It’s not fair to a pet to suffer because we did not think about monetary consideration.

Research the right pet for you or your family. Take a look at breeds for things such as hyperactivity. Water dogs need to exercise and play a lot this is just one example. All races have something that requires your particular attention. Hyper dogs for instance that need lots of exercises to burn off energy. If you live in a small apartment, this could be a recipe for disaster. Torn up clothes, furniture and all sorts of not so fun things to come home to find. So be sure you read the temperament of a breed before you just get that dog.

Adopting dogs, you can not go wrong. Having passed two myself. I can tell you from real experience they were the sweetest dogs. Anyone who has taken a pet says the same thing. They feel like the animal knows you saved them. It’s a unique bond for sure


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Pets For Hope

I’m starting a series on Pets For Hope. How a pet can bring peace and harmony to a home. Pets are such beautiful souls that can fill a sad and lonely heart with love. So I thought it would be fun to write about my dog Glitzy. Share the joy she has brought to my life and the people Glitzy comes in contact with.

Glitzy is about 6 years old now. Glitzy is half Chijuajua and half Pomeranian a ChiPom. She fit into a coffee mug when we first brought her home. She was very little the runt of the litter, but she was sweet to us when we were choosing her. She also had amazingly beautiful fur and markings.

As she grew, she became very attached to me. It might be because every day when I came home, I would love her and keep her with me all the time. She always slept next to me.

Keep in mind I really did not want a dog, but she totally stole my heart. We became inseparable. All the reasons that I didn’t want a pet went out the window. To much trouble, messy and the list went on. dog, pet, lonely

Each day when I come home she greets me with a joy that only a dog can bring. Nothing but pure love hits the door. She doesn’t come to the door and complain her bones were not plentiful enough, the house was too cold, she simply comes ready for me to pick her up and receive the kisses she loves to give.

She has taught me how to pick up bones when she throws them off the couch or bed. She barks at me to go for walks so she can have a treat. Her new thing is to go out the door turn right back around go to her treat jar and bark. Sneaky little thing.


Glitzy Watching TV

I am not sure how but instinctively she knows when it’s my day off. She will not let me leave the house without her. Days I go to work she gets back up in my bed and curls up with the covers. She will literally jump off the back of the couch at me if I am walking towards the door. Needless to say, most places I go so can she.

She loves TV!

If you’re living alone, going through a divorce or whatever life circumstance that may have you a bit lonely. I encourage you to go to a local shelter and just see. Play with a few dogs and see what comes of it. Pets quickly become family.

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Lonely How About a Pet

For many years I went without any sort of pets. Seemed to be too much of a hassle, can’t go anywhere lots to clean up. So I just did not have a pet in my life. That’s not the case today. My dog, Glitzy, gives me such joy and happiness. She is the best companion. She is also a massive member of our family.

Glitzy is such a part of my life. She rides in the car with me, greats me when I wake up with kisses and she is joyous to see me. She sleeps under the covers and snuggles up all night. She is comfort while sleeping. When I come home, she again greets me with a joyous, loving reception. Lots of kisses from Glitzy.adopt a pet, pet, dog

When Glitzy came home as a puppy, she could fit inside a coffee mug. She was tiny and incredibly cute. Her hair was soft as angels wings. I would hold her close to my neck, and she would sleep and cuddle. The bond began.

Now I would not think of a life without a pet to love. Anything that I stressed about in owning a dog have all been eliminated ounce she got home. Every since even if she has an accident in the house which is rare, it’s no big deal.

Before you venture out to get a pet. Think about several things before you adopt a pet into your home.

  1. Make sure the breed you choose fits your lifestyle. For example, hyper dogs require lots of room to run and burn off energy. If you don’t like to be outside that much, don’t get a water dog or a more hyper breed. This is how pets get re-homed, and that is truly sad for the animal.
  2. Keep in mind that just like a child, an animal needs love and attention. Make sure you have time to devote to the care and love of your pet.
  3. Keep in mind potty training takes time. So you may need to segregate your pet to a vinal or tile floor. Clean up is much more comfortable. If your house is a total carpet, you seriously may want to look into vinal floors. Sorry, but once a dog or cat urinates on the rug, it won’t come out entirely.
  4. Make sure you have in your family budget money for regular Veterinary care. Dogs need heartworm medicine regularly. Not to mention if they get sick. Taking care of your pet is your responsibility.

dog, pet, lonely

Have a pet companion is the most significant thing in the world. Glitzy has such a sassy personality and very bossy. Glitzy Barks at me for everything Glitzy needs even when I don’t know what that is.

If you need a little company, think about adopting a pet. I can tell you that folks that choose say they received the greatest gift. Dog’s and cats seem to sense when they come home after being in a shelter. It may take a few days for them to get settled in.

Once your pet gets a sense of home, and you become a part of your animal’s pack. You will cherish them like you do any other family member.

Check with your local shelters about adopting!

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