Adopting a Pet 5 tips

Without hesitation, I can tell you adopted pets are lovely. If your family is considering a pet, I hope you will consider adopting before you make a final choice. I am a happy adopting pet owner!

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To have a successful pet adoption experience here a few things you need to do:

  1. What type of lifestyle does your family have? Active, somber, children, other pets? Choose pet bread that matches your families lifestyle. 
  2. Do you have a budget set aside for pet care and maintenance? Vet bills, food, preventative medicine?
  3. Does your landlord allow for pets, if so what is the deposit?
  4. Do you have time to take care of the animal? Pets get destructive because of separation anxiety or boredom. Make sure you can take your pet for walks, dog park visits and so on. 
  5. If you have children make sure, they’re not allergic to pet dander, cats or the like. Some small children do have animal allergies. 

Before you just wander into a Pet Shelter or Humane Society, do some homework. Some dog breeds have tons of energy if your family is not able to play with dogs like this, get them lots of exercises. Honestly, it may not be a good fit. Lots of people love Lab’s but don’t realize these are water dogs who like to play.

Breeds have different temperaments, the biggest failure in owning a pet is getting a breed that requires more than families are able to give. The good news with a little research and right questions at the Shelter you can choose the right dog for your family.

If you have questions we’re happy to answer:


2 thoughts on “Adopting a Pet 5 tips

  1. Last month we lost our 14 year old rescue dog, Susie. Blessedly she went quickly. We had only had her a wee bit less than a year. She gave us so much joy during that year.

    Her previous Life had not been so great. At some point she had been abused and some of her ribs apparently had been broken.

    Her teeth were horrible. In July we paid to have 10 teeth removed and for the last 2 months of her Life she enjoyed eating without chronic pain.

    I miss her every day and find myself still talking to her as if she were here.

    At some point I know we will get another dog – hopefully another senior dog. But right now, the emotions are still too raw.


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