Fog On The Way To Work

This morning on my way to the office I had a revelation. God spoke to me and said as I see this thick fog like you do in your mind hanging on to faith. You still have forward motion. I’m again moving forward. It came over me like a bucket of water was dumped on me.

While I was driving in the very thick fog, I was traveling slower, but I was still moving forward. This reminded me that even though right now everything in my mind is like fog because of circumstances. I am again moving forward with God.foggy road, God, Love

It may not be clear where I am because the fog was so thick it was hard to tell where I was. The most notable thing was the road opened up to me little by little and I could slowly find my way. God was saying to me, the road may be slow right now, but I am showing you how to move forward little by little.

The sun as I got further down the freeway was trying to burn through the fog, I could see the burning brightness of the sun in the distance. Letting me know that God was in the range showing me the way. It was not completely clear yet, but he was there.

It was a revelation to me as though God was indeed speaking to me driving down the road. He showed me that yes you’re in a fog, but I’m guiding you forward. It helped me understand how God was moving through my life. It was okay to be in a fog that just a few more miles and the fog will lift.

Have you ever seen how beautiful the sky is how bright and new everything looks when you break the fog? That’s God’s promise!

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